Top 12 Blogs For Travel Bloggers

This's a listing of innovative travel blogs which I read and Visit - follow. They're written by impartial travel writers, the list include those that I determine as heavy weights in traveling blogging. These bloggers are affiliated with large journey - sites/blogs though the focus of theirs is on living a distinctive life (getting to see the world around them) and also be an informative writers. Many are fun and inspiring to read through.

Blog: Everything-Everywhere

Writer: Gary Arndt

Gary has been on the highway since 2007 as a professional traveller. On the blog site you'll find interviews with top figures in the market like Laura Bly from The posts are factual but personal as they include Gary's reasons and insights for visiting each of the destinations - . Everything-Everywhere is the top travel blogger on Twitter based on the Klout score of its.

Nearly all recent post: This Week In Travel - Episode 152

Blog: Nomadic Matt

Writer: Matt Kepness

Matt offers practical and tactical advice about the way to travel longer, cheaper, and better. The blog provides down-to-earth details about the best ways to explore the world. The blog is much more of a collection of useful suggestions rather than a chronicle of Matt's adventures though there is a travel guide area with info gathered from Matt's travels since 2004. The site includes videos and a summary of resources.