What is GitFlow

Using version control such as git is advantageous and desired by most developers. Integrating git into existing workflows and procedures can be a barrier to adoption. This site will provide resources on how to use git, how to integrate git into your current workflow, and how to develop strong workflows and procedures.

What is Git

Git is version control. It is software that tracks the changes you make to your files over time. With this tracking you are empowered to do things like:

  • Revert a mistake you made some time ago.
  • Create a branch of your project to work on new features or try new ideas.
  • Merge your branches back to production and automatically merge and integrate your new code.
  • Allow multiple teammates to merge code changes made to the same file and project.
  • Review a history of changes

What do you mean by Workflow?

Defined procedures are vital to any business or efficient team. They ensure continuity and a means of quality assurance. The set of procedures that a human resources uses to take an initiative from idea to production deployment is what we are calling "workflow". Changing this workflow could mean changing how code updates are merged and integrated or how team members review their contributions. This site explores ways to minimizing this disruption.

GitFlow on GitHub

There is a project called GitFlow on GitHub. This website is not affiliated with that project.


  • Git is Git's official site.
  • Beanstalk is a hosting platform for your git projects. This service is mixed with an excellent deployment solution.
  • GitHub is a social code sharing and discover site. It is also a hosting platform for your git projects.
  • Git Immersion is a great git tutorial.
  • GitFlow on GitHub (not affiliated)